A Fat-belly Cat Thinks Her Belly Tiny

There’s a cat named Kinky. She thinks she’s a celebrity (read: the center of the universe). One day, she leaned on a couch and said, “I haven’t eaten any mouse lately. Look at my belly. It’s tiny! I tell you, eating mice makes you fat.”

Another cat, Rawks, yelled, “What? You think your belly’s tiny?!”

Kinky said, “Yeah! Can’t you see it? Don’t be jealous, Rawks, just admit it!”

“Admit what? That you’re fat?” Rawks then laughed. “You know, K, I saw you were eating mice yesterday. You ate 3 mice in that warehouse. The one above the hill.”

“Oooh, dear Rawks, it’s impossible. I’ve told you, I haven’t eaten any mouse lately. You gotta be kidding me. I don’t like eating mouse, you know. They’re disgusting.”

“Ahahahaha, don’t make me laugh! I saw you, K! I saw you!”

Kinky got angry and replied, “Don’t tell lies, Rawks! Don’t tell lies about me in front of these people, umm, cats.”

Rawks smiled cynically, “What if I have a proof?”

“I bet you don’t!”

“And you forget one thing, K. When you walked downhill, you stopped by the oak tree and greeted me, ‘Good morning, Rawks,’ then you told me that you’d just captured 3 mice and ate them all.”

“Nonsense! I wouldn’t have said that… liar!”

“Ah, now you talk as if I were the one who’s telling a lie. I know who you are, K.”

“Everybody knows me, Rawks! And everybody now knows who you are. You’re telling a lie. You’re a liar.”

Rawks sighed and put his right hand on his chest and said, “K, I don’t care what people, I mean cats, here are thinking about me. As long as I don’t tell lies, as long as I do the right things, I don’t care. If you think you speak the truth, I don’t care. The only thing I know is that you don’t speak the truth but I do. Perhaps, it’ll be better if you don’t talk as if you were innocent, from the beginning. At least, just eat that mice and shut up! What’s the use of such irony? What are you up to? Are you out of your mind? Once again, I don’t care.”

There was a silence. Kinky couldn’t say anything, neither the others. Rawks continued, “People, umm, cats, if you think this cat named Kinky wasn’t telling a lie, I don’t care. If you think I was the one who’s telling a lie, I don’t care either. The point here is that this cat said her belly’s tiny while it’s actually not. You can see it yourself, right? Is her belly tiny? I don’t think I need to ask you. Though I have a proof of what she was actually doing at that time, I don’t wanna show it to you because it’s not important. I know exactly that I’m speaking the truth, and you know exactly who I am, and that’s exactly just enough.”

Then Rawks walked by the door. He stopped when he reached the balcony, turned around and said, “K, no matter what you’re telling us, whether you’re lying or not, everybody knows who you are since the beginning, and that’s just enough. I don’t need to prove anything.”

Rawks left the warehouse. A minute later, the other cats in the room walked out the door too, leaving Kinky alone in that old dusty room.

“Terrific!” said she.


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