I, Robot

I’m the one that I want.

In the mouth of madness and in the realms of the unreal,

I’ve heard mermaids singing. Thus, I’ll sing for you.

In the shadow of the moon and in the heat of the night,

I am a sex addict. Thus, I don’t want to sleep alone.

The abyss; ma vie en rose. (my life in pink)

Falling in love––

without a clue.

The thin blue line; tout est parfait. (everything is fine)

As it is in heaven––

without the king.

I shot a man in Vegas, ‘coz I like killing flies.

I hope they serve beer in hell.

I sell the dead, to be in God’s hands.

I’ll see you in my dreams.

My life without me––

my brother is an only child.

My life in ruins––

my stepmother is an alien.

My life as a dog––

my father my lord.

When a stranger calls, what’s the worst that could happen?

Whatever it takes, what the #$*! do we know?!

To be or not to be, still, I am legend,

‘coz insignificance is what doesn’t kill you.

The beat that my heart skipped is the beautiful truth.

It might get loud and it could happen to you.

Imagine me and you are in love and war.

Don’t say a word, but do the right thing!

We own the night.

You gotta stay happy.

We’re no angels.

We were soldiers––

with weapons of the spirit.

***Inspired by Donna Marino’s idea to write such poem – pick some movie titles and combine them with the use of prepositions and punctuations.


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