Hello Stranger

Suddenly woke up this morning, I terribly got a headache. Seemed like the world’s spinning around and I couldn’t see anything ‘cept those dots above my head. I tried to count how many holes on the wall. One, two, three…there were too many. Then I remembered, couple of years ago, I made that holes myself with a tiny hammer that my father gave me as my sixth birthday gift. I dig because I wanted to make paintings on the wall by combining so many tiny holes. After six years, I could make a beautiful painting, and I called it “the stranger.” Couple of years later, my father left home because he wanted to find something that I didn’t know what it was. I still kept the hammer with me. I hung it beside the stranger, just in case that someday I would make another painting.

At that time, after I greeted the stranger, I washed my face and sat down on my tiny chair beside the stranger. That day, I didn’t hesitate to talk to the stranger at all. I just sat down n enjoyed the smell of every wooden-things inside the room and the dust. The stranger suddenly said, “Hey stranger, don’t you feel like something’s messy?” I was thinking, “How can she talk?” But then I don’t care. It’s nice to have a friend to talk with, so, nothing went wrong. I answered her, “Hmm, no, I don’t feel anything messy. What is it that you think is messy?” She said, “I think, I don’t have guts to explain it to you. Maybe, you should think harder to find it out for yourself.”

I was wondering, nothing’s messy at that time, but why she said something like that. I didn’t want to screw up my mind with the stranger’s question, and I decided to continue reading my book while drinking a cup of morning tea. “Look at the way you drink your tea! Don’t you think it’s strange?” asked the stranger. “Hmm, I don’t think it is. Nothing’s weird.” I continued reading.

The next thing happened was my mom coming into my room and said, “Don’t you think that you and your room are messy? Why don’t you do something to make them look better?” I remained silence and continued reading. My mom left me. I was wondering, “Is this a coincidence?” Couple of minutes later, my sister came up. She asked, “Hey, sist! How are you today?” “Fine,” I answered and then drank my tea again. “Hey… you drink weirdly,” she shouted. “Eh… why weird?” I asked. Then she went out. I was confused with the things happened, but, I decided to continue reading.

“There you go. Now you know…” said the stranger. “Shut up! You’re just a painting. So shut your mouth!” I replied. That painting made my day peculiar. Then I took the hammer n started digging more holes on it. I changed the way it looked. Yeah… and I made a pig painting. It looked like a pig, and I was satisfied. “You know what, now you look more like a stranger!” the pig was saying. “What?? You can still talk?” I said. “Of course! No matter how the way you shape me, I will always talk,” said she. “Oh God!” I sighed. Then I laid down my body on my bed and closed my eyes. When I opened them couple of seconds later, I found myself was on the wall, frozen. I couldn’t move any single thing on my body. And the worse, I saw myself were lying on my bed. That creature on the bed was opening her eyes, staring at me and saying, “Hello, stranger!” I could only shout out loud, “Arrrggghhhhhhhhhh!!!”


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